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Eddy Perez-Stable, M.D

Eddy Perez Stable Profile PicEddy Perez-Stable, MD


Alan Hernandez, M.D.

Adan Hernandez Profile PicAlan Hernandez, M.D.


Michael Margolis

Michael Margolis PicMichael Margolis, DO


Cecilia Pernas, ARNP

default-avatarCecilia Pernas, ARNP


Ariel Soffer, MD

Ariel Soffer, MD


Julie Schottenstein, DPM

default-avatarJulie Schottenstein, DPM

Rodolfo Chirinos, MD

Rodolfo Chirinos, MD


Noreen Zambrana, MD

default-avatar Noreen Zambrana, MD


Brenda Borton, NP

default-avatar Brenda Borton, NP


Cindy Marika, D.O.

Cindy Marika Profile pic Cindy Marika, DO


Tilda Jarcocki, ARNP

default-avatar Tilda Jarcocki, ARNP


Michael Braun, MD

Michael Braun, MD


Yael Myers, MD

Yael Myers, MD


Neil Furman, DO

default-avatar Neil Furman, DO


Sasson Moulavi, MD

Sasson Moulavi, MD


Lori Brown, NP

default-avatar Lori Brown, NP


Christina Masaitis, NP

default-avatar Christina Masaitis, NP



At Qualcare Medical Group, through our high definition magnetic technology resonance imaging platform, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of applications in order to address the patient's clinical and diagnostic needs. When it comes to your MRI, MRA, and MRV, we combine forward-thinking technology with an optimized patient experience in order to give you the results you need. MORE >>


At Qualcare Medical Group, our specialists apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of patients across a broad spectrum of illnesses. Qualcare's Board Certified Internal Medicine physicians are focused on improving the health and well being of their patients through the provision of cutting edge technology and services. MORE >>


Qualcare's Physical Therapy services provides the highest caliber clinical care combined with compassion and progressive acumen toward rehabilitation and overall wellness. Our highly skill team of physical therapy clinicians work with each patient to achieve maximum physical function and quality of life. We provide a full range of service for clients with orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological conditions, and MORE >>


While heart disease remains a leading threat to the health of millions of Americans each year, Qualcare's experienced cardiac team has maintained its commitment to delivering expert preventative care and treatment to patients within its reach. From non-invasive tests for early diagnostics to diagnostic heart catheterizations, we treat the whole person and not just the disease. MORE >>


QualCare Medical Group also has an affiliation contract with a large multi-specialty group practice in Hernando County Florida, called Access Health Care, which includes over 85 participating physicians. Access provides a substantial resource for QualCare to create a model of integrated services for the future including: integrated EHR connectivity within the group physicians for scheduling group appointments, risk sharing arrangements on the MA-PD side, and integrated quality initiatives and disease management programs across the medical group with the ability to share “best practices.” MORE >>


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